Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld

Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld (August 9, 1879 October 21, 1918) was an American jurist. He was the author of the seminal ''Fundamental Legal Conceptions as Applied in Judicial Reasoning and Other Legal Essays'' (1919).

During his brief life, he published only a handful of law review articles. After his death the material forming the basis of ''Fundamental Legal Conceptions'' was derived from two articles first published in the ''Yale Law Journal'' (1913) and (1917) that had been partially revised in anticipation of publication in longer form. Editorial work was undertaken to complete the revisions and the book was published with the inclusion of the manuscript notes that Hohfeld had left, plus seven other essays.

The work remains a powerful contribution to modern understanding of the nature of rights and the implications of liberty. To reflect Hohfeld's continuing importance, a chair at Yale University is named after him. The chair is currently occupied by Gideon Yaffe as of 2019 and was last held by Jules Coleman, who retired in 2012. Provided by Wikipedia
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