The HU Aqr planetary system hypothesis revisited

We study the mid-egress eclipse timing data gathered for the cataclysmic binary HU Aquarii during the years 1993-2014. The (O-C) residuals were previously attributed to a single ~7 Jupiter mass companion in ~5 au orbit or to a stable 2-planet system with an unconstrained outermost orbit. We presen...

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Main Authors: Gozdziewski, K., Slowikowska, A., Dimitrov, D., Krzeszowski, K., Zejmo, M., Kanbach, G., Burwitz, V., Rau, A., Irawati, P., Richichi, A., Gawronski, M., Nowak, G., Nasiroglu, I., Kubicki, D.
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Published: 2014
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