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    by Teele, Sue
    Published 2000
    Table of Contents: “…A focus on how students learn -- Recent research on the brain -- The theory of multiple intelligences -- Changing our thinking about education -- Rainbows of intelligence model -- Conclusions -- Classroom units that incorporate color and multiple intelligences.…”
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    by Buick, Tony
    Published 2010
    “…Besides atmospheric phenomena such as sunsets and rainbows, there are the many varied worlds of the Solar System, which we can spy through our telescopes, with their subtle colorings of beige and blue and green. …”
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    “…In this study, we identify six distinct dynamic stakeholder engagement strategies—resilient specialists, opportunity explorers, uncommitted diversifiers, rainbow warriors, rainbow washers, and progressive learners—and distinguish two approaches to innovate, depending on the range of SDG targets aimed to achieve simultaneously. …”
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    Subjects: “…Pynchon, Thomas Gravity's rainbow. 449306…”
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    “…In the first case the astrophysical properties of the source can induce a unique characteristic imprint on GW and EMW for each source, the binaries rainbow, which could be observed in systems with EM counterparts, such as neutron stars or neutron star black hole binaries. …”
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    by Shillitoe, Edward J
    Published 2009
    “…Without significant advances, however, the treatment of oral cancer by gene therapy will remain as remote as the legendary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.…”
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