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    by Beth, Thomas
    Published 1993
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    by Higher Education Press
    Published 2009
    “…This book deals with the basic subjects of design theory. It begins with balanced incomplete block designs, various constructions of which are described in ample detail. …”
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    “…This is the first volume of the second edition of the standard text on design theory.…”
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    by Launey, Warwick De, Flannery, Dane
    Published 2011
    “…Combinatorial design theory is a source of simply stated, concrete, yet difficult discrete problems, with the Hadamard conjecture being a prime example. …”
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    Published 1983
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    by Colbourn, CJ, Colbourn, MJ
    Published 1985
    “…Algorithmic aspects include generation, isomorphism and analysis techniques - both heuristic methods used in practice, and the computational complexity of these operations. The scope within design theory includes all aspects of block designs, Latin squares and their variants, pairwise balanced designs and projective planes and related geometries.…”
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    “…This textbook presents the core of recent advances in design theory and its implications for design methods and design organization. …”
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    by Wallis, W
    Published 2003
    “…This volume is a sequel to the 1996 compilation, Computational and Constructive Design Theory. It contains research papers and surveys of recent research work on two closely related aspects of the study of combinatorial designs: design construction and computer-aided study of designs. …”
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